Beijing - About the City

Welcome to Beijing, one of the leading capitals of the world and the host of the 2008 Olympics. With a history that is more than 3,000 years old, Beijing is an amazing mix of old and new. For centuries Beijing has been the centre for cultural and business activities, and today it is a truly world class international city.

Beijing is located in the north-eastern corner of China. The city limits of Beijing extend some 80km, including the urban and the suburban areas and the nine counties under its administration. In other words, it's huge. Although it might not appear so in the chaos of your arrival, Beijing is a place of very orderly design. Long, straight boulevards and avenues are crisscrossed by a network of lanes. Places of interest are either very easy to find, especially if they are on the avenues, or very difficult to find, buried down the ‘hutongs’ (narrow alleys)!

Beijing is a transportation hub and has a well laid out network of roads, railways and a major airport. Commuting in Beijing should be the least bothersome thing on a visitor’s mind. The city has convenient transportation links, extending in all directions. The well laid out rail and road network enables one to have a pleasant journey.

The oriental city of China, Beijing is witness to splendid culture and insightful history. The city will captivate a visitor with the historic and cultural relics created in Beijing by the various dynastic houses that ruled over the city.



Generally, it will cost RMB100 - 200 from the Capital Airport to the city proper of Beijing, according to varying distance and traffic conditions.
The price items and standards of charge of the taxis are as follows:

Minimum Fare: RMB 13 for the first 3 kilometres (1.86 miles)
Basic Unit Price: RMB 2.3 per kilometre (0.62 mile) above 3 kilometres in the daytime
Empty Run Fare: If a single journey is longer than 15 kilometres (9.32 miles), the empty run fare is charged i.e. the price per kilometre rises 50% to RMB 3.45.
Night Fare: From 23:00 to 5:00, the charge per kilometre rises 20% i.e. to RMB 2.76.
Fuel Surcharge: RMB 1 for one ride

Please Note:

  1. The morning rush hour is from 7:00 to 9:00, and the evening rush hour is from 17:00 to 19:00.
  2. The toll for an expressway or a bridge is an extra paid by the passengers.

Buses: Take a shuttle bus from Beijing International Airport to select hotels (travel time: 30-90 minutes depending on traffic). Taxi fare will be around RMB 100.


Asia Hotel, Beijing
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Beijing, China. Post Code:100027
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Swissotel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center
2 Chaoyangmen North Street
Dongcheng, Beijing, China
+86 10 6553 2288

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Visas: Travellers might need a valid visa for entering P R China. Visas can be obtained from selected travel agents and the P R China embassy in your country of residence. Please visit official visa requirements for more information about visa requirements.

Time: GMT +8

Language: Mandarin and some English

Beijing weather forecast in December: Very cold

Currency: Ren Min Bi (RMB) USD$1=6.1 Yuan RMB (approx.). Major credit cards are widely accepted.

Voltage: 220-240 Volts

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