APPT Results - Season 10

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APPT 10: ACOP (October 28 - November 13, 2016)

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For more information, please see the Macau event page. Full reports from Macau are on the PokerStars Blog and APPT facebook page.

APPT ACOP: Tournament Results

APPT Melbourne Tournament results

1 1m GTD Spadie ($1,000,000 Guarantee)
HKD$4,000 (3,600+400)
565 HKD$1,972,980 Shaoming Li
- $2,500 Knockout
HKD$2,500 (2,250+250)
86 HKD$144,695 Chi Hei Sung
2 PLO Championship
HKD$15,000 (13,500+1,500)
37 HKD$484,515 Yuki Ko
3 Knockout Championship
HKD$11,000 (9,900+1,100)
120 HKD$912,360 Gerald Karlic
- $2,500 PLO
HKD$2,500 (2,250+250)
48 HKD$104,760 Mike Takayama
4 6-max Championship
HKD$11,000 (9,900+1,100)
145 HKD$1,392,435 Dimitar Danchev
- $2,000 6-max
HKD$2,000 (1,800+200)
99 HKD$172,854 Wei Zhao
5 6-max Championship
HKD$11,000 (9,900+1,100)
202 HKD$1,939,806 Celina Lin
6 2m GTD Spadie ($2,000,000 Guarantee)
HKD$9,000 (8,100+900)
819 HKD$6,434,883 Byung Hyu Na
7 ACOP Warm-up ($3,000,000 Guarantee)
HKD$25,000 (2,250+250)
297 HKD$6,626,070 Tomohiro Kato
- 6-max Championship
HKD$3,000 (2,700+300)
129 HKD$337,851 Yingpeng Jiang
- Deepstack
HKD$2,000 (1,800+200)
240 HKD$419,040 Scott Davies
8 Super High Roller (2 Rebuys)
HKD$500,000 (480,000+20,000)
33 HKD$21,384,000 Yuan Li
9 Ladies Asia Championship
HKD$9,000 (8,100+900)
37 HKD$290,709 Jay Tan

APPT ACOP Main Event Payouts

Place Name Status Prize (HKD$)
1 Geshkenbein Vladimir 5,743,000
2 Murphy Neel PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 5,143,000
3 Burns Kahle 2,662,000
4 Zhou Jimmy Zhou 2015 ACOP Champion 2,101,000
5 Tanaka Shinobu 1,541,000
6 Huang Bryan Team PokerStars Pro 1,261,000
7 Song Jian Zhong PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 981,000
8 Sun Yunsheng 826,000
9 Westmorland Jordan 672,750
10 Aido Sergio 546,000
11 Lukashaugen Tore 462,000
12 Li Yuguang PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 462,000
13 Chew Stevan PokerStars Player 378,200
14 Narula Vijay 378,200
15 Ung Senh Man 378,200
16 Paik Albert APPT Seoul Champion 308,200
17 Ziegler Tobias 308,200
18 Fabian Geisel   308,200
19 Hui-chen Kitty Kuo   252,200
20 Dours Romain PokerStars Qualifier 252,200
21 GaoWenling   252,200
22 Kavrakov Atanas Marinov   224,150
23 Li Yuan   224,150
24 Christner Christian   224,150
25 Fan Rong   196,100
26 Luo Xixiang PokerStars Player 196,100
27 Yap Wayne Jun Wen   196,100
28 Matloubi Mansour   182,100
29 Jin Xin PokerStars Player 182,100
30 Yu Winfred   182,100
31 Mooney Geoffrey PokerStars Player 182,100
32 Stausholm Martin PokerStars Player 182,100
33 Kristoffersen Oystein   182,100
34 Lin Chen An Team PokerStars Pro 182,100
35 Kampanatsanyakorn Chane   182,100
36 Zhou Quan PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 182,100


APPT 10: Melbourne (October 6 - 18, 2016)

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For more information, please see the Melbourne event page. Full reports from Melbourne are on the PokerStars Blog and APPT facebook page.

APPT Melbourne: Tournament Results

APPT Melbourne Tournament results

1 NLHE Accumulator
569 AUD$91,040 Stelios Yenofkian
2 PLO Terminator
86 AUD$30,100 Benjamin Lee
3 Teams NLHE Shot Clock
73 AUD$18,250 Michael Courmadias/Ross Mullen
4 NLHE Deepstack
490 AUD$171,500 Stephen Panourakis
5 8 Game Mixed Event
42 AUD$12,600 Gary Benson
6 NLHE Bounty
174 AUD$60,900 Michael Michelakis
7 NLHE 6-Max
215 AUD$107,500 Royce Lui
8 NLHE Terminator
188 AUD$65,800 Karl Armstrong
9 NLHE 6-Max Shot Clock
206 AUD$206,000 Samuel Butters
10 AUD$10,000 Challenge
41 AUD$389,500 Steven Chew
12 NLHE Freezeout
192 AUD$96,000 Yenhan Chen


APPT 10: Manila (28/07/2016 - 08/08/2016)

On this page you will find Player Lists, Gallery Photos, Payout, Side Events and Final Table from the event.

For more information, please see the Manila event page. Full reports from Manila are on the PokerStars Blog and APPT facebook page.

APPT Manila: Tournament Results

APPT Manila Main Event Payouts

Place Name Status Prize (₱)
1 Tran Linh   6,135,000
2 Razavi Sam PokerStars Qualifier 3,466,000
3 Leonarez Jessie   2,139,000
4 Takayama Mike   1,622,000
5 Lee Sang Yong   1,180,000
6 Lau Alan 2015 Asia Player of the Year 934,000
7 Huerto Joven   738,000
8 Kong Seongsu   614,000
9 Lo Bruno Tzu Chieh   492,450
10 Angeles Rommel   430,400
11 Heng Siong Boon   368,700
12 Garberg Markus   368,700
13 Tan Travers   307,000
14 Lee Alex Xiang Wei   307,000
15 Hun Sok Meng   307,000
16 Clot Sebastien PokerStars LIVE Manila Qualifier 245,800
17 Kim Gab Yong   245,800
18 Ye Renjie PokerStars LIVE Manila Qualifier 245,800
19 Jong Kim Teng   209,000
20 Kim Taehyung   209,000
21 Li Ang   209,000
22 Lam Aaron Weiming   184,400
23 Loo Ben Soon Yun   184,400
24 Pepper Gareth Macdonald Girvan   184,400
25 Chien Jen-yen PokerStars LIVE Manilla Qualifier 159,800
26 Park Min Jae   159,800
27 Lai Patty Pei Yu   159,800
28 Murata Keiju PokerStars LIVE Manila Qualifier 147,500
29 Maravilla Yul Angel   147,500
30 Miyamoto Masakazu   147,500
31 Han Heedon PokerStars LIVE Manila Qualifier 147,500
32 Poh Clarence Choon Huat   147,500
33 Chua Ying Lin   135,200
34 Lubas Gerardo   135,200
35 Jo Handong   135,200
36 Sim Kah Seng   135,200
37 Ye Kejie   122,900
38 Gupta Piyush PokerStars Qualifier 122,900
39 Yi Seung Yong   122,900
40 Benor Daniel   122,900
41 Thoo Ming Ken   122,900
42 Ortanez Christian Rafael   122,900
43 Shashank Rathi   122,900
44 Liow Marcuss   122,900
45 Yen Yau Shern PokerStars LIVE Manila Qualifier 122,900
46 Park Jason   110,600
47 Patni Kunal   110,600
48 Powell Curtis   110,600
49 Wu Jack En Ching   110,600
50 Ishibashi Tsuyoshi   110,600
51 Sayo John   110,600
52 Lo Jason Wai Tung   110,600
53 Ang Kevin Kar Wai   110,600
54 Chen Zhinning   110,600


APPT 10: Seoul (20/06/2016 - 27/06/2016)

On this page you will find Player Lists, Gallery Photos, Payout, Side Events and Final Table from the event.

For more information, please see the Seoul event page. Full reports from Seoul are on the PokerStars Blog and APPT facebook page.

APPT Seoul: Tournament Results

APPT Seoul Main Event Payouts

Place Name Status Prize (₩)
1     119,097,600
2     69,346,000
3     44,871,000
4 Hirosawa Ken   34,673,000
5 Egan Michael PokerStars Player 28,554,000
6 Ochiai Satsuki   23,455,000
7 Nguyen Windsor   19,376,000
8 Demicki Daniel PokerStars Qualifier 15,297,000
9 Nakamura Yutaka Paradise Walkerhill Qualifier 11,218,000
10 Thoo Mingken   9,178,000
11 Nishihara Kengo   7,139,000
12 Chan Tsun Ming   7,139,000
13 Mizuno Eechi   6,119,000
14 Otani Norihiro   6,119,000
15 Yang Renjun Pokerstars LIVE Macau Qualifier 6,119,000
16 Nakagawa Masaya   5,099,000
17 Ishihara Masanori   5,099,000
18 Muto Katsuhiro   5,099,000

APPT Seoul Main Event Final Table

Seat 1: Ken Hirosawa, 30 (Japan) - 185,000 in chips

You won't normally find Japan's Ken Hirosawa in tournaments; he works as a restaurant director who primarily plays $2/$5 cash games. However, the 30-year-old told us that he enjoys the challenge of the APPT because "play is more serious than in cash."

He has only been playing the game for a year, having learned from a friend, and he says his poker hero is Japanese player Takaaki Nakayama. This will be his biggest score to date, regardless of where he finishes.

Seat 2: Michael Egan, 26 (Melbourne, Australia) - 354,000 in chips

Australia's Michael Egan is a professional poker player who has been at the game for seven years now. He got his start in online freerolls but these days frequents the $5/10+ online cash tables. Egan's best result so far is a 5th place finish in the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller for $405,162 last August.

The Australian says his favourite thing about the event so far is not busting out, and tells us he enjoys multi table tournaments when he's not grinding cash. Egan also implored us to share that his hero is fellow countryman and poker crusher Alex 'Alextrev1111' Trevallion.

Seat 3: Shenghua Qian, 27 (Shanghai, China) - 771,000

Shanghai resident Shenghua Qian is a 27-year-old gamer and poker player who has been learning the game over the past five years. His biggest live score to date - in fact, his onlylive score prior to this event - came when he finished 22nd at the $1,600 No Limit Hold'em main event at the WPT National in Sanya, China.

His favourite thing about APPT10 Seoul has been the deep blind structure, while his favourite moment was when his pocket jacks cracked Windsor Nguyen's pocket Kings by spiking a two-outer on the turn for a huge pot.

Seat 4: Tetsuro Tomita, 33 (Tokyo, Japan) - 542,000 in chips

Hailing from Japan, Tetsuro Tomita starts this final table third in chips. He's been playing poker for seven years now and he first learned the game from a friend. Tetsuro usually plays $2/5 stakes and his best result to date was a cash in the 2011 APPT Macau Main Event for $6,591. That means this guaranteed final table finish will be his best ever live score.

Tetsuro says his poker hero is Tom Dwan and he enjoyed the battles on the felt during the bubble this week. He attributes his ability to make big laydowns at crucial points to getting him this far, and when he's not at the poker table he likes to play Mahjong.

Seat 5: Windsor Nguyen, 30 (Vancouver, Canada) - 82,000 in chips

Windsor Nguyen starts the final table as our short stack after a string of bad luck in the later stages of Day 3. The Canadian has been playing poker for a decade now and got his start in casinos. With this final table appearance Nguyen has already eclipsed his best live result so far - a 10th place finish in the West Coast Poker Championship for $8,697.

Aside from poker, his hobbies include basketball and computer games. Nguyen also tells us he has enjoyed the free food here this week, and that his hero is his mom.

Seat 6: Satsuki Ochiai, 34 (Tokyo, Japan) - 234,000 in chips

Despite a handful of results from PokerStars events in Macau and Manila, 34-year-old Tokyo resident Satsuki Ochiai is in for his largest live cash here in Seoul. He's not new to the game though, having notched up online results in his three years of playing, including a US$10,000 win in a weekly $2 tournament. His average buy-in in online multi table tournaments is $30.

He says it's his ability to adapt to players with different styles that is the most crucial part of his success in this tournament, and he's excited to keep going. His highlight so far was when he pulled off a river bluff for a big pot with just queen-high. In his spare time, Ochiai enjoys cycling.

Seat 7: Albert Paik, 27 (USA) - 952,000 in chips

Albert Paik has had a great week at the tables here in Seoul, he begins this final table out in front with 952,000. He started playing in high school back in the United States, but after college he relocated to right here in Seoul. Paik learned the game watching training videos and playing online and these days he mainly plays $500-$1,000 cash games. He tells us having only played daily tournaments before this will by far be his greatest result.

Paik says that his poker hero is Phil Ivey and that since he usually plays cash games he had some difficulty staying focused over the eight hour days. Despite leading the charge for this final seven, Paik stays humble, attributing his success to luck and saying that he made many mistakes.


APPT Macau (18/05/2016 - 29/05/2016)

On this page you will find Player Lists, Gallery Photos, Payout, Side Events and Final Table from the event.

For more information, please see the Macau event page. Full reports from Macau are on the PokerStars Blog and APPT facebook page.

APPT Macau: Tournament Results

APPT Macau Tournament results

1 Deepstack (re-entry)
236 HKD$297,596 Daji Chen
2 KO Bounty
157 HKD$150,877 Tsung-hua Lu
214 HKD$560,466 Gab Yong Kim
4 APPT Macau Warm-up ($1,000,000 Guarantee)
374 HKD$1,632,510 Dan Liu
141 HKD$1,846,395 Jun Wah Yap
6 PLO (1 re-entry)
103 HKD$449,595 Leon Li-ta Hsu
7 HKD$50K Freezeout
100 HKD$4,559,000 Yuefeng Pan
9 Turbo Deepstack
209 HKD$354,777 Xiang Li

APPT Macau Main Event Payouts

Place Name Status Prize (HKD$)
1 Jian Guo Sun   2,694,000
2 Bernard Trong Huy Vu   1,621,000
3 Alex Ward   1,002,000
4 Ying Fu   755,000
5 Jiayi Jin   519,000
6 Weijian Xie   413,000
7 Zhiyi Feng   336,000
8 Kan He   283,000
9 Yuan Li   236,000
10 Xiang Li   200,280
11 Juicy Sixiao Li   165,100
12 Yu Han   165,100
13 Wei Zhu   135,600
14 Bawoo Hyunshik Yun   135,600
15 Kai Yat Fam   135,600
16 Fan Wu   112,000
17 Ming Zheng   112,000
18 Jiping Li   112,000
19 Xiao Ling Li   94,350
20 Geng Liu   94,350
21 Juncong Cao   94,350
22 Benoit Albiges   82,550
23 Guan Fu Ye   82,550
24 Weijie Ye   82,550
25 Leon Li-ta Hsu   70,750
26 Hanyang Peng PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 70,750
27 Ling Tong   70,750
28 Chen Yuan   64,850
29 Rashid Sharfuddin   64,850
30 Zhiqiang Qian   64,850
31 Douglas Hill Ming Chan   64,850
32 Matthew Weng Chih Chan   64,850
33 Hon Cheong Lee   64,850
34 Yijun Lou PokerStars Player 64,850
35 Liming Zhang   64,850
36 Neo Li Han Chen PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 64,850
37 Yifan Zhang   58,950
38 Shun-ping Wang   58,950
39 Chao Li   58,950
40 Jiaxiu Liu   58,950
41 Xinxin Feng PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 58,950
42 Liming Zhou   58,950
43 Jeffrey Iok Seng Kat PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 58,950
44 Hua Yang   58,950
45 Jixue Yin   58,950
46 Lin Lu   53,050
47 Constantine Paparestis   53,050
48 Chen An Lin Team PokerStars Pro 53,050
49 Wen Chen PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 53,050
50 Kinam Kim PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 53,050
51 Xian Xiao   53,050
52 Sihai Jiang   53,050
53 Chengting Zhang   53,050
54 Liu Li PokerStars Player 53,050
55 Kun Tian   47,150
56 Thomas Shelley   47,150
57 Matthewn Boucher   47,150
58 Gang Wu   47,150
59 Kok Keong Tan   47,150
60 Fei Gao   47,150
61 Christopher Soyza PokerStars Player 47,150
62 Yanfeng Wang   47,150
63 Mikal Blomlie PokerStars Player 47,150


Macau Poker Cup 24 (19/02/2016 - 06/03/2016)

On this page you will find Player Lists, Gallery Photos, Payout, Side Events and Final Table from the event.

For more information, please see the Macau Poker Cup 24 event page. Full reports from Macau are on the PokerStars Blog and APPT facebook page.

Macau Poker Cup 24: Tournament Results

MPC24 Tournament results

1 $2,000 Deepstack NLH ($200,000 Guarantee)
239 HKD$417,294 Jen-yen Chien
2 Baby Dragon ($1,000,000 Guarantee)
346 HKD$1,812,348 Kwok Chun Lai
3 $2,500 KO Bounty
186 HKD$312,945 Ion Sang Song

Macau Poker Cup 24 Main Event Payouts

Place Name Status Prize (HKD$)
1 Ying Lin Chua   1,904,000
2 Wayne Wei Yi Zhang   1,307,000
3 Takashi Ogura   1,382,000
4 Liang Xu   611,000
5 Chengbei Li   413,000
6 Fan Xie   302,100
7 Yang Zhang   257,000
8 Tom Alner   223,500
9 Yongqiang Huang   190,000
10 Nan Tu   156,500
11 Jia Wang   123,000
12 Tianhong Su   123,000
13 Kelly Wei Liu   100,500
14 Simon Kwun Wah Ngan   100,500
15 Alvin Wei Xiang Cheam   100,500
16 Dong Guo   78,000
17 Huitong Cao   78,000
18 Kamel Mokhammad   78,000
19 Yan Li   67,000
20 Chien-jung Huang   67,000
21 Xian Xiao   67,000
22 Katsunari Maeda   58,000
23 Fu Zhang   58,000
24 Chuansong Chen   58,000
25 Alok Agrawal   49,150
26 Chong Yu   49,150
27 Ryota Hisayama   49,150
28 Yiu Wah Kwok   44,650
29 Garry Yue Hin Lam   44,650
30 Yuexin Wang PokerStars Sponsored Player 44,650
31 Leon Li-ta Hsu PokerStars Player 44,650
32 Zhen Wu   44,650
33 Chunhua Qi   44,650
34 Kun Wang   44,650
35 Gang Wang   44,650
36 Konosuke Sakurada PokerStars Qualifier 44,650
37 Wai Wa Chan   40,150
38 Inaki Joseba Santos Armendariz   40,150
39 Chia-chi Liu   40,150
40 Cheng Jin   40,150
41 Chenxu Zhang   40,150
42 Zhonglin Zhao   40,150
43 Shravan Shyan Chhabria PokerStars Player 40,150
44 Raul Gallego   40,150
45 Jie Zan   40,150
46 Qingjun Wu   35,700
47 Kang Gao   35,700
48 Yunguang Wu   35,700
49 Huaqin Qiu   35,700
50 Cun Zhang   35,700
51 Weihang Chen   35,700
52 Zhan Hao Jin   35,700
53 Hao Shen   35,700
54 Hsing Hsiung Tai   35,700
55 Dawson Yiu Fai Ip   31,250
56 Chen Zhang   31,250
57 Ya Hu Xu   31,250
58 Jianxun Wu PokerStars Qualifier 31,250
59 Soon Ann Gan PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 31,250
60 Fengshu Liu   31,250
61 Rui Ye   31,250
62 Daniel Wei Xiong Chin   31,250
63 Yuefeng Pan   31,250
64 Feng Guang Li   29,000
65 Li Genie Fu   29,000
66 Masako Okai   29,000
67 Chang Hau Huang PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 29,000
68 Zhaodong Jiang   29,000
69 Masanori Kuroda   29,000
70 Chien Fa Chou   29,000
71 Hoi Fung Leung   29,000
72 En Zhang   29,000
73 Pranay Kapoor   29,000
74 Ismael Bourne PokerStars Player 29,000
75 Chin Wei Lim   29,000
76 Jin Chao Zhang   29,000
77 Liang Song   29,000
78 Guiyang Wang   29,000
79 Saya Yoshioka   29,000
80 Chuwen Zhou   29,000
81 Vladimir Dobrolskii PokerStars Player 29,000
82 Leng Wee Poh   26,750
83 Wei Yun Shi PokerStars Qualifier 26,750
84 Yongjun Liang   26,750
85 Valentyn Shabelnyk   26,750
86 JiahuiYuan   26,750
87 Anthony Man Chun Wong   26,750
88 Han Shao   26,750
89 Hu Qian   26,750
90 Tong Zhou   26,750
91 Xiao Chen   26,750
92 Wei-chuan Hsu   26,750
93 Hiroyuki Sasaki   26,750
94 Ching Yun Lee   26,750
95 Eric Wang Ip Ng   26,750
96 Yuanyuan Li   26,750
97 Jingxuan Zhu   26,750
98 Chee Hoong Lai   26,750
99 Qi Liu   26,750
100 Quande Chen   24,500
101 Ion Sang Song PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 24,500
102 Marc Rivera   24,500
103 Ssu Yu Yeh   24,500
104 Chih I Fang PokerStars Qualifier 24,500
105 Ping Huang   24,500
106 Wei Ming Tseng PokerStars Sponsored Player 24,500
107 Alan King Lun Lau PokerStars Sponsored Player 24,500
108 Qian Wang   24,500
109 Weichun Jiang   24,500
110 Yansong Guo   24,500
111 Ivan Seng Yee Leow   24,500
112 Yueyang Yang   24,500
113 Tleuzhan Jumakov   24,500
114 Long Meng PokerStars Qualifier 24,500
115 Ming Tai Lin   24,500
116 Leonidas Alexopoulos   24,500
117 Houmao Hua   24,500
118 Zhong Xing Zhao   22,300
119 Xianyang Wen   22,300
120 Zhenru Xie   22,300
121 James En Ning Chen   22,300
122 Wataru Kenichi   22,300
123 Jian Chen   22,300
124 Louis Salter   22,300
125 Steven Cody   22,300
126 Hyoung Suob Shim PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 22,300
127 Koen Breed   22,300
128 Bingqian He   22,300
129 Satrya Wijiya Teja   22,300
130 Xin Man Chen   22,300
131 Jianguo Chen   22,300
132 Svyatoslav Dvornikov PokerStars LIVE Qualifier 22,300
133 Vidur Sethi   22,300
134 Saul Oliver Fortea   22,300
135 Percy Henry Archambaud Chao PokerStars Qualifier 22,300

Macau Poker Cup 24 Main Event Final Table

Seat 1: Takashi Ogura, 33 (Tokyo, Japan) - 2,710,000

Japan's Takashi Ogura starts our Red Dragon final table second in chips. The 33 year-old says he's played poker for six years and got his start in cash games. When he's not running deep in tournaments he can usually be found playing HK$300-HK$600 at the Wynn in Macau.

Ogura's best result to date is a 64th place finish in the WSOP Main Event for which he scored $106,056. He says his poker hero is the Texas Dolly Doyle Brunson and outside of poker, Ogura enjoys playing Mahjong.

Seat 2: Liang Xu, 28 (Shanghai, China) - 3,375,000

China's Liang Xu had a spectacular Day 3 and will begin the final table as the chip leader. He's been playing poker for four years and learnt the game playing with friends including Team PokerStars Pro Yaxi Zhu. Xu won the ACOP Platinum Series XI back in October for HK$169,300 and has already guaranteed himself a bigger payday here this week.

Xu says he's enjoyed playing in Macau this week and loves to try and take down every pot. He also told us he has his eye on the prize and really wants to be the Red Dragon champion. When he's not at the poker table Xu enjoys cycling and travel.

Seat 3: Fan Xie, 26 (Beijing, China) - 1,110,000

26 year-old business owner Fan Xie taught herself how to play poker and has been at it for six years now. This is her first-ever live tournament cash - what a way to begin a tournament poker career, with a Red Dragon final table!

Xie says that her poker hero is Tom Dwan and the most important thing to bring her to this final table was her drive to win the prestigious trophy. Aside from poker, Xie's second favourite game is Mahjong.

Seat 4: Ying Lin Chua, (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) - 2,665,000

Ying Lin Chua is a conference manager from Malaysia who's been playing the game for a decade now. Chua got his start playing online and taking part in home games, and these days plays stakes of HK$50/100.

Chua has already had a stellar start to 2016, winning the WPTN Philippines for US$86,130. His poker heroes include Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson while his heroes outside of poker are his parents. Chua says he's enjoyed the competitive nature of the tournament this week, but also networking and learning with fellow poker lovers. When he's not playing poker, Chua can be found playing arcade games and having fun with friends and family.

Seat 5: Chengbei Li, 34 (Shanghai, China) - 1,700,000

Chengbei Li is a private banker from Shanghai and has only been playing poker for a year now. He got his start watching tutorial videos on YouTube and playing at his local poker club. His regular games these days include US$120 tournaments.

Li has no recorded results on Hendon Mob but says he has played some tournaments in China. He told us his hero is Eason Chan and this week he's really enjoyed the experience he's had playing the Red Dragon. During his time at the table, he attributes this deep run to balance, patience and his observational abilities.

Seat 6: Yang Zhang, 33 (Dalian, China) - 1,375,000

Yang Zhang hails from China and has been playing poker for two years. An investor by occupation, Zhang got his start in poker playing right here at PokerStars LIVE Macau. He tells us his best results so far are a first place finish in the Beijing Cup and a second place in the Beijing Millions.

Zhang is looking forward to taking home the Red Dragon trophy and says the most pivotal point of his tournament so far was his play on Day 2. Aside from poker, Zhang also likes to gamble on table games at the casino.

Seat 7: Tom Alner, 30 (Bristol, England) - 1,030,000

Tom Alner is a professional poker player from the United Kingdom and says he's been playing the game for too long now. His greatest result so far came in a PokerStars WCOOP event where he told us he pocketed $375,000. A previous Red Dragon champion, Alner will be going for a second victory here this week.

He attributes his success this week to running good on top of his patience, discipline and poker skills. Away from the poker tables Alner likes to keep fit, play football, travel and spend time with his friends.

Seat 8: Yongqiang Huang, 34 (Shanghai, China) - 520,000

Yongqiang Huang comes into the final table as our short stack this week. He says he's been playing poker for three years and learnt the game by watching videos. Huang tells us his favourite thing this week has been bad beating his tablemates.

Huang has enjoyed learning a lot during his time playing the Red Dragon this week and has previously battled it out in tournaments across China. Outside of the poker world, Huang's hero is his father.

Seat 9: Wayne Wei Yi Zhang, 21 (Chengdu, China)

Chinese young gun Wayne Wei Yi Zhang has been playing poker for two years now, and learnt the game in a Michigan poker room. His greatest tournament result to date was a fifth place finish in the Macau Poker Cup High Roller and he was recently selected for the Hong Kong Stars team in the Global Poker League.

Zhang says the thing he's most enjoyed during the tournament this week is the competition and the most crucial moment in his deep run was having his pocket kings hold during a three-way all in. Outside of poker Zhang enjoys playing Hearthstone, and he tells us that his hero is his mother.


APPT 10: Aussie Millions (13/01/2016 - 01/02/2016)

On this page you will find Player Lists, Gallery Photos, Payout, Side Events and Final Table from the event.

For more information, please see the Aussie Millions event page. Full reports from Melbourne are on the PokerStars Blog and APPT facebook page.

APPT: Tournament Results

APPT Tournament results

1 No Limit Hold'em - Day 1 Flight 1
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
1,320 AUD$1,353,000 Kevin Blackwood
2 H.O.R.S.E.
39 AUD$87,750 James Obst
3 NLHE Shot Clock Shootout
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
126 AUD$129,150 Nam Le
4 Pot Limit Omaha
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
217 AUD$222,425 Yuki Ko
5 NLHE - Mix Max
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
196 AUD$200,900 Gregory Cook
6 NLHE Six Max
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
1,320 AUD$1,353,000 Kevin Blackwood
7 8 Game Mixed Event
AUD$2,250 + AUD$250
64 AUD$144,000 Stephen Chidwick
8 NLHE Accumulator
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
656 AUD$672,400 Christopher Soyza
9 $25,000 Challenge
122 AUD$2,928,000 Chance Kornuth
10 NLHE Bounty Event
AUD$1,500 + AUD$150
349 AUD$523,500 Brendon Rubie
13 NLHE Terminator
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
316 AUD$323,900 Vincent Wan
14 Hall of Fame NLHE
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
96 AUD$98,400 Minh Nguyen
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
135 AUD$138,375 Mohammed Afiouni
AUD$2,250 + AUD$250
190 AUD$427,500 Paul J. Hofer
17 Tournament of Champions
AUD$1,025 + AUD$125
194 AUD$427,500 Darryll Fish
18 PLO
AUD$2,250 + AUD$250
125 AUD$281,250 Joshua Budin

APPT Main Event Payouts

Place Name Status Prize (AUD$)
1 Alan Engel PokerStars Qualifier 1,600,000
2 Tony Dunst   1,000,000
3 Samantha Abernathy   625,000
4 Alexander Lynskey PokerStars Qualifier 445,000
5 Dylan Honeyman PokerStars Qualifier 340,000
6 Hui-Chen (Kitty) Kuo PokerStars Qualifier 270,000
7 John Apostolidis   210,000
8 Ka Cheong Wong   160,000
9 Yuki Ko   160,000
10 Bobby Zhang   120,000
11 James Obst   120,000
12 Cankai Zhang   120,000
13 AdamMonaghan   85,000
14 Artur Koren   85,000
15 MikelHabb   85,000
16 Tino Lechich   85,000
17 Derek Wolters   85,000
18 Martin Rowe   85,000
19 Jack O'Neill   60,000
20 Andrew Michael   60,000
21 Thomas Miller   60,000
22 Chu Kheng Ong PokerStars Qualifier 60,000
23 Michael Wang   60,000
24 Sinan Aydogan   60,000
25 Andrew Bassat   40,000
26 James Keenan   40,000
27 Laurence Hall   40,000
28 Alex Lee   40,000
29 John Chu   40,000
30 Alexandros Kolonias PokerStars Qualifier 40,000
31 Jessica Dawley   30,000
32 Xingrong Ren   30,000
33 Joseph Sandaev   30,000
34 Stephen Chidwick PokerStars Qualifier 30,000
35 Aaron Blanch PokerStars Qualifier 30,000
36 William Chattaway PokerStars Qualifier 30,000
37 Adam Reynolds   25,000
38 Adeel Shaikh   25,000
39 Yunhsiang Fan PokerStars Player 25,000
40 Lukas Soucek PokerStars Qualifier 25,000
41 James Siu   25,000
42 Victor Teng   25,000
43 Sam Steindl   25,000
44 Daniel Engles PokerStars Player 25,000
45 Michael Egan PokerStars Qualifier 25,000
46 Dietrich Fast PokerStars Qualifier 25,000
47 Daniel Reijmer   25,000
48 Renjun Yang   25,000
49 Umut Picakci PokerStars Player 20,000
50 Bowdy Tolhopf PokerStars Qualifier 20,000
51 Phillip Gruissem   20,000
52 Pascal Hartmann PokerStars Player 20,000
53 Jared Graham   20,000
54 Nicolas Yunis   20,000
55 Daryl Hussey   20,000
56 Jean-Pascal Savard PokerStars Qualifier 20,000
57 Ashley Mason PokerStars Qualifier 20,000
58 John Corr   20,000
59 Mustapha Kanit PokerStars Player 20,000
60 Josep Lopez Galindo   20,000
61 Samantha Cohen   20,000
62 Ryan Hong   20,000
63 Sadan Turker   20,000
64 Sailendra Sha   20,000
65 Tony Hachem   15,000
66 Paawan Bansal   15,000
67 Michael Levy   15,000
68 Daniel Braun   15,000
69 Michael Kenneady   15,000
70 Christian Nolte PokerStars Player 15,000
71 Alek Givotovsky   15,000
72 Max Silver PokerStars Player 15,000
73 Mazyar Misaghian   15,000
74 Gareth Pepper PokerStars Qualifier 15,000
75 PaulMc Nabb PokerStars Qualifier 15,000
76 Benjamin Leblond   15,000
77 Moritz Dietrich PokerStars Player 15,000
78 Steven Tabb   15,000
79 Joseph Hachem   15,000
80 Olivia Boeree Team PokerStars Pro 15,000

APPT Main Event Final Table

Seat 1: Dylan Honeyman (Perth, Australia) - 885,000 chips
Dylan Honeyman is a 25-year old professional poker player from Perth in Western Australia. An unassuming character at the table, Dylan’s quiet demeanour belies his aggressive play that has been honed in the online world under the moniker “WhiteRabbito”.
Dylan clearly enjoys the big stage of the Aussie Millions. His best live result came with a win in the Bounty Event at the 2013 Aussie Millions for AU$120,000. He also cashed in the Aussie Millions Main Event last year in 56th place. Now with at least AU$210,000 locked up, Dylan has recorded his best ever result and will be looking to at least climb a few more pay jumps as the short stack of the final table.
Dylan says that his progress through this tournament has been "a blur", but clearly it was Day 2 where he made the biggest impact where he ended the day as the chip leader. He says that he has enjoyed the excellent deep structure of this event and has had an amazing time in Melbourne. There would be nothing more amazing that to end his trip with the Aussie Millions title.

Seat 2: Alex Lynskey (Brisbane, Australia) - 2,390,000 chips
Another Australian young gun on this final table is Queensland’s Alex Lynskey. At just 25 years of age, Alex has already racked up an impressive poker resume at events all around the world.
Last year Alex rose to prominence with a deep run in this very event. He looked set to reach the final table before a cruel bad beat would send him home in ninth place. He has bettered that mark this time around and looks focussed to gain vengeance with a run at the top prize of AU$1.6 million.
The 2015 Aussie Millions kick-started a great year for Alex with a couple of WSOP cashes and results on the EPT and UKIPT. However his biggest cash came with a final table result at the WPT Choctaw event where his sixth place finish was worth US$135,504. The experience he gained under the bright lights of that TV table will hold him in good stead for this final table.
Away from poker, Alex enjoys travel, food and sport, and he says that he has enjoyed the home field advantage over the international visitors at this event. He says he has enjoyed playing with such a good structure in a venue as great as the Crown Poker Room.

Seat 3: Tony Dunst (Las Vegas, United States) - 5,990,000 chips
A familiar face on the final table to most of the poker world is World Poker Tour commentator Tony Dunst. With fourteen years experience in poker and over US$1.6 million in career earnings, Tony is arguably the most experienced player on this final table.
Tony is particularly familiar here in the Crown Poker Room where he spent several years grinding the local poker scene while studying in Melbourne. His first poker results came in this very room way back in 2005, and he was the runner-up in the inaugural ANZPT event in Adelaide in 2009. Since then, he’s amassed a string of results in the US, with multiple WSOP and WPT cashes, including a victory at the WPT St. Maarten Event and two final tables in back-to-back years at the WPT World Championship.
The biggest story with Tony at this event was that he was almost not going to play at all. Tony somehow dropped a $5,000 chip from his pocket while waiting in the registration line. He was obviously upset by this and decided he didn’t want to play at all. It wasn’t until late on day one, that Mike “Timex” McDonald offered him a freeroll for a small percentage of his action. Tony thought “what the hell” and in attempting to punt off his stack, he has turned it into the second biggest stack at this final table.
In his spare time, Tony enjoys tennis, reading and travelling, and says that he has enjoyed everything that the Aussie Millions and the Crown Poker Room has offered during this series.

Seat 4: Samantha Abernathy (Las Vegas, United States) - 2,485,000 chips
Samantha Abernathy has captured the hearts of the Australian poker community. The 24-year old hails from Las Vegas and despite being relatively new to the game, she’s proving to have plenty of game at the tables thanks to the tutelage of online phenom Calvin Anderson.
Samantha’s live resume is modest, with a string of small tournament cashes throughout Vegas, but she did finish third in the Aussie Millions Terminator Event just a few days ago. However Samantha is known primarily as a cash game player, grinding stakes up to $5/$10. Those familiar with the television show "Poker Night in America" would know Samantha for a rather impressive bluff in the cash game where she bombed the river with an eight-high bluff and managed to get ace-king to fold top pair. Don’t let her innocent smile fool you, this girl’s got game!
However it might be another video which propels Samantha into the poker spotlight. Some are calling it a slowroll, others think it’s a nitroll, but when Mikel Habb took his time to call with pocket kings against Samantha’s pocket sixes with just fifteen players left in this event, the Twitterverse started trending #shipittomama when Samantha hit a two-outer six on the river.
Samantha says that every single person at the Aussie Millions has made her felt right at home, unlike anywhere else she has ever been.
Samantha has a background in graphics design, but it seems that the transition from poker as a hobby to a profession will be complete following this final table. A woman has never won the Aussie Millions Main Event but with two females on the final table, we are already guaranteed of the best result ever by a female at this event.

Seat 5: Ari Engel (Toronto, Canada) - 8,155,000 chips
Alan “Ari” Engel is a former number one ranked online player in the world and 2014 PokerStars SCOOP champion. At one point "Bodog Ari" was considered one of the highest volume online tournament players in the world, but following Black Friday, he was forced to pack up his residence in Las Vegas and travel the world as a nomadic poker grinder.
It’s worked out well for Ari with over US$2.2 million in live career earnings to date with results all over the world. His biggest score came with a win in the 2014 Punta Cana Classic for US$177,000 but he is best known for his six WSOP circuit rings across the US. An Aussie Millions title would further confirm his place as one of the world's elite players, and with a big chip lead entering the final table, he's in pole position to do so.
Ari credits Andrew Brown for teaching him the game some 12 years ago, while Kevin McColgan and Nachman Berlin have been his biggest poker influences.
Ari spent eight years of his youth living in Melbourne, so winning the Aussie Millions would be a very special accomplishment.

Seat 6: Kitty Kuo (Chinese Taipei) - 1,005,000 chips
Chinese Taipei’s all-time leading money earner, Hui Chen “Kitty” Kuo is a popular figure on the Asia poker circuit with her colourful attire and entertaining table banter.
A former Asia Player of the Year, Kitty has over US$900,000 in lifetime earnings with results spread all over the world. Kitty is a former Macau Poker Cup champion while she has two fourth place finishes in open WPT and WSOP events.
Approaching the final table of this event, Kitty was all in with ace-king against both ace-queen and pocket kings. She was one card away from elimination but one of the two remaining aces appeared on the river to keep her alive and from there, she carved her way to the final table.
Kitty says she has enjoyed her time in the Crown Poker Room with the professional tournament directors and dealers running a great tournament. Kitty says her hobbies are drinking and shopping – she’ll have plenty of time for both if she can win this tournament to become the first ever female Aussie Millions champion.

Seat 7: John Apostolidis (Melbourne, Australia) - 960,000 chips
The final Australian on the final table is John Apostolidis. He’s also the only amateur player and the lone Melbourne local representative remaining in the field.
A regular grinder in the $5/10 cash game and local tournaments at Crown, this final table result is already larger than John's career tournament earnings to date. No one was happier when they made the pay jumps for ninth place and then for the final table of seven. Despite being one of the short stacks, expect John to dig in his heels to try and climb further up the payout ladder on the final table.
John is a little fortunate to still be alive after he was all in preflop with pocket kings against pocket aces earlier in the tournament. He found a third king on board and used that stroke of luck to make it all the way to his first major final table.
Away from poker John likes playing chess and he says he has most enjoyed the restaurants and dining options available here at the Crown Casino.


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