APPT 8 Aussie Millions Poker Championship - February 2-9, 2014 - Coverage

APPT 8: Aussie Millions Poker Championship, February 2-9, 2014 - Event Coverage

On this page you will find Player Lists, Gallery Photos, Payout, Side Events and Final Table from the event.

For more information, please see the APPT 8: Aussie Millions Poker Championship event page. Full reports from Melbourne are on the Poker Blog and APPT facebook page.

Player Lists





Place Name Status Prize (AUS $)
1 Ami Barer   1,600,000
2 Sorel Mizzi   1,000,000
3 Jake Balsiger   650,000
4 Darren Rabinowitz   450,000
5 Vincent Rubianes   335,000
6 Andrew Phaedonos   250,000
7 Scott Seiver   170,000
8 Eoghan O'Dea   130,000
9 Lewis Denny   130,000
10 Seide lErik   100,000
11 Tam Truong   100,000
12 Patrick Crivell   100,000
13 Jeff Rossiter   70,000
14 Salvatore Fazzino PokerStars Qualifier 70,000
15 David Middleton   70,000
16 Khylon Hanegraaf   55,000
17 Jie Gao   55,000
18 Jason Mercier Team PokerStars Pro 55,000
19 Ying Kit Chan   40,000
20 Jim Mourafas   40,000
21 Craig McCorkel PokerStars Player 40,000
22 Andreas Lodemel PokerStars Qualifier 40,000
23 John Juanda   40,000
24 Lior Segre 40,000
25 Jonathan Duhamel Team PokerStars Pro 35,000
26 David Stanton   35,000
27 Marco Ng   35,000
28 Liv Boeree Team PokerStars Pro 35,000
29 Heinz Kamutzki   35,000
30 Rahul Rastogi   35,000
31 Florian Bussmann PokerStars Player 30,000
32 Uros Brkic   30,000
33 Raymond Wu Team PokerStars Pro 30,000
34 Jae Kyung Sim   30,000
35 Martin Rowe   30,000
36 Rhys Jones PokerStars Player 30,000
37 Gareth Dwyer   25,000
38 Tyler Cornell PokerStars Qualifier 25,000
39 Aristomenis Stavropoulos   25,000
40 Luisa Helps 25,000
41 Robert Trask   20,000
42 Antonio Esfandiari   20,000
43 Antonio Fazzolari   20,000
44 Eng Heng Chang   20,000
45 Jarred Graham   20,000
46 Todor Kondevski   20,000
47 Phillip Willcocks   20,000
48 Daryl Hussey   20,000
49 Derek Wolters   20,000
50 Christopher Chronis   20,000
51 David Joseph   20,000
52 Marco Johnson PokerStars Qualifier 20,000
53 Sandeep Pulusani   20,000
54 Daniel Neilson   20,000
55 Steve Tymms   20,000
56 Dimitrios Nistas PokerStars Qualifier 20,000
57 Srdjan Brkic   15,000
58 Louis Slater   15,000
59 Max Lehmanski   15,000
60 Gerard McNeill   15,000
61 Aaron Lim   15,000
62 David Malka   15,000
63 Jamie Roberts   15,000
64 Patrick Healy   15,000
65 Brendan Hurtig   15,000
66 Angel Guillen Team PokerStars Pro 15,000
67 Dan Kowalski PokerStars Qualifier 15,000
68 Henry Szmelcer   15,000
69 Dennis Huntly 15,000
70 Sotirios Kiokpasoglou   15,000
71 Michael O'Grady PokerStars Qualifier 15,000
72 Julian Track PokerStars Qualifier 15,000

Side Events

Final Table

Final Table

Seat 1: Jake Balsiger, 23 – Tempe, USA – 2,385,000 in chips
“I didn’t want to get a job,” 23-year old Jake Balsiger tells us when asked how he got his start in poker. Well he seems to have a made a good living out of poker so far, amassing almost US$4 million in tournament results. Most of that came when he finished 3rd in the 2012 WSOP Main Event. He’s guaranteed another $170,000 for making this latest final table.  
Balsiger says that Phil Galfond is the biggest influence on his poker game and the thing he has enjoyed most about his visit to Melbourne this January is making the Aussie Millions Main Event final table. Outside of poker Balsiger enjoys hiking and playing tennis.

Seat 2:  Darren Rabinowitz, 25 – Mercer Island, USA – 2,365,000 in chips
Darren Rabinowitz has been playing poker professionally for two years. The 25-year says that making a few WSOP final tables have been a highlight of his career, but making the Aussie Millions final table is “pretty epic”. Rabinowitz claims that winning a flip with ten players remaining was “good”.
His biggest influences in poker are fellow poker players Joe Kuether, Carter Newhof and Mike Corson, along with the late TuPac. Outside of poker Rabinowitz loves food and the highlight of his Aussie Millions trips has been going to the beach and watching Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open.

Seat 3: Scott Seiver, 28 – Colombus, USA – 855,000 in chips
Scott Seiver is the short stack heading into the final table, but also happens to be one of the most successful poker players of the last decade. The 28-year old has been playing poker for eight years and claims that this Aussie Millions has been the highlight of his poker career – topped only by meeting Fabian Quoss.
Seiver tells us he got started in poker “by playing” and he has certainly done well at it. Before his recent $25K Challenge result at the Aussie Millions, Seiver had never posted a result in Australia. Now he is guaranteed another $170,000 to be added to his more than US$9 million in career tournament results.

Seat 4: Vincent Rubianes, 25 – Stockton, USA – 3,865,000 in chips
Vincent Rubianes claims to be “unemployed”, but considering he’s posted almost US$200,000 in tournament results over the last couple of years, and will be adding at least another $170,000 by making the Aussie Millions final table, we are going to go right ahead and call him a poker player.
Like Jake Balsiger, Rubianes claims Phil Galfond to be the biggest influence on his poker game. The biggest highlight of his poker career was finishing 5th in the NAPT Mohegan Sun Main Event in 2011. Rubianes is the only player at the final table who has been at an APPT final table before. He finished 2nd in the 2012 APPT Seoul Main Event.

Seat 5: Ami Barer, 22 – Vancouver, Canada – 6,570,000 in chips
Ami Barer may be from Canada but he clearly has strong ties to Australia considering he cites Aussie Daniel Neilson as both the biggest influence on his poker game and meeting him as the highlight of his poker career.
The 22-year old has been playing poker for a “couple of years”, which was long enough to post almost US$6 million in online tournament results under the screen name “UhhMee”. The largest live tournament result on Barer’s resume is US$180,064 for finishing 2nd in the EPT Prague Eureka Main Event in 2013. Anything better than 7th at the Aussie Millions final table will top that.

Seat 6: Andrew Phaedonas, 45 – Melbourne, Australia – 1,105,000 in chips
When compared to the rest of the 2014 Aussie Millions final table players, Andrew Phaedonas isn’t very experienced. His largest live tournament result was $12,701 for finishing 3rd in a $50 rebuy event here in the Crown Poker Room. However, Phaedonas has made it this far and will looking to rumble with the pros and keep the Aussie Millions title on home soil.
Phaedonas works in sales, enjoys Football (the Australian kind) and going to the gym. His friends got him started in poker and he cites his family as his biggest influence.

Seat 7: Sorel Mizzi, 27 – Toronto, Canada – 2,830,000 in chips
The fact that Canada’s Sorel Mizzi is part of the final seven is historic in that no other player has made the final table of the modern Aussie Millions on two separate occasions. Mizzi finished 3rd in 2010 which earned him $715,000. Amazingly this is also Mizzi’s fourth deep run in the Aussie Millions Main Event after finishing 16th, 3rd and 9th in three consecutive years from 2009 through 2011.
Mizzi has made a final table at almost every series imaginable including the WPT, EPT and WSOP. Mizzi has also had plenty of success online, winning two FTOPs titles and a SCOOP bracelet on PokerStars. Earlier in the tournament Mizzi said that the portraits of the past Aussie Millions winners on the walls of the Crown Poker Room were taunting him and he hoped to get his picture on the wall to do some taunting himself.