APPT4 Coverage - Cebu

APPT Cebu November 12-16, 2010 Event Coverage

The total field for the APPT Cebu Season 4 Main Event was made of 236 players generating a total prize pool of PHP $21,518,480 (approx. USD $490,500).

Young-shin Im from Korea took home the first place prize of PHP 5,810,000 (approx. USD $132,500) at the Main Event.

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Player Lists

Player Lists

Please see below for archived player lists from the November 12 - 16 2010 APPT Cebu event.





The APPT Cebu Main Event champion for Season 4 is Young-shin Im from Korea who won PHP 5,810,000 (approx. USD $132,500).

Position Name Country Status Prize
1 Young-shin Im Korea PokerStars Qualifier PHP 5,810,000
2 Michael Fabiano Australia   PHP 3,660,000
3 Kim Gap Young Korea   PHP 2,045,000
4 Mikael Rosen Sweden    PHP 1,560,000
5 Daren Yoon Malaysia   PHP 1,290,000
6 Basilios Diakokomninos  USA PokerStars Qualifier PHP 1,025,000
7 Jukka Juvonen  Finland  PokerStars Qualifier PHP 805,000
8 Richard En  Canada PokerStars Qualifier PHP 645,000
9 Raymond Lapitan  Australia PokerStars Qualifier PHP 485,480
10 Nathaneel Seet Singapore   PHP 323,000
11 Ivan Tan Singapore PokerStars Macau Satellite Winner PHP 323,000
12 Roger Spets Sweden   PHP 323,000
13 Paul Foltyn  UK PokerStars Qualifier PHP 269,000
14 Czardy Rivera Philippines   PHP 269,000
15 Alexander Beeckx  Belgium  PokerStars Player PHP 269,000
16 Shin Sugiura Japan PokerStars Cebu Satellite Winner PHP 269,000
17 Roberto Vincent Valero Philippines   PHP 215,000
18 Max Bloom USA   PHP 215,000
19 Mark Benasa Philippines   PHP 215,000
20 Kenneth Aberg Sweden PokerStars Cebu Satellite Winner PHP 215,000
21 Caroline De Weerdt Belgium   PHP 172,000
22 Andrey Alexandrovich Lobzhanidze  Russia PokerStars Qualifier PHP 172,000
23 Gordon Black Canada   PHP 172,000
24 Andrew Hinrichsen  Australia  PokerStars Qualifier PHP 172,000
25 Juan Herrera  Costa Rica  PokerStars Qualifier PHP 150,000
26 Ross Parkhill UK   PHP 150,000
27 In Wook Choi Korea PokerStars Qualifier PHP 150,000
28 Yves Sy Philippines   PHP 150,000

Side Events

Side Events

High Roller

High Roller

The APPT Cebu High Roller champion for Season 4 is Anton Pozdnyakov from Russia who won PHP 1,605,000 (approx. USD $36,500).

Place Name Country Prize
1 Anton Pozdnyakov Russia PHP 1,605,000
2 Jarred Graham Australia PHP 963,000
3 Kut Fu Chow Macau  PHP 642,000
4 Melvin Matibag Philippines PHP 481,000
5 Justin Tazelaar  UK PHP 320,920
      PHP 4,011,920

Final Table

Final Table

Player Profiles for the final nine players at Season 4 of the APPT Cebu Main Event.

Seat 1 with 198,000 chips,
Richard En (Canada) - PokerStars Qualifier

33-year old Richard En has been playing poker for ten years. He's primarily a cash game player, preferring to play $1-$2 Pot-Limit Omaha. He's cashed twice at the World Series of Poker but this is his first APPT final table. He credits Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond as his biggest influence in poker and enjoys MMA when he's not at the poker table. His work is cut out for him - he brings just 16 big blinds to the final table.

Seat 2 with 583,000 chips,
Jukka Juvonen (Hameenlinma, Finland) - PokerStars Qualifier

Jukka Juvonen is a 59-year old Civil Engineer from Finland but is a regular support of poker tournaments throughout the Asian region. Juvonen got started in the game thanks to his father when he was just a child, and has built an impressive career that features results throughout Europe, Asia and America where he picked up two WSOP cash results.

Juvonen stormed into the chip lead on Day 3 when he turned a flush against Alexander Beeckx's pocket aces and from there, he cruised to the final table where he sits comfortably in the middle of the pack.

Seat 3 with 1,193,000 chips,
Kim Gap Young (Seoul, Korea)

Seoul native Kim Gap Young has been the story of this tournament since early on Day 2. He has seemingly been in cruise control, never dipping below a medium-sized stack. That's probably not a surprise to anyone who knows that Kim learned at the feet of one of the greatest tournament players of the Internet generation, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. Kim was first exposed to poker by ElkY when both were elite Korean Starcraft players.

Kim considers himself part of the first generation of Korean poker players and is hoping to add to his accolades with a win here in Cebu. Starting with 26% of the chips in play will certainly give him a leg up on the field.

Seat 4 with 158,000 chips,
Raymond Lapitan (Sydney, Australia) - PokerStars Qualifier

A 27-year old IT Analyst from Sydney, Raymond Lapitan has flown under the radar for much of the tournament as he reaches the final table on the short stack. Lapitan has been playing poker for nine years after first watching the game on television.

Lapitan won't be overawed at this final table, with experience playing at a WPT event against the world's best - a moment that he credits as the highlight of his career. Lapitan finished 14th at the 2008 APPT Sydney Grand Final which was his previous biggest result before this final table.

Seat 5 with 231,000 chips,
Fabiano Michael (Australia)

Fabiano Michael, 31, is one of six players at this final table who are over 30 years old. That may not seem very old to most people but in the last five years, poker has become a young man's game. Michael considers himself foremost a limousine driver and only a part-time poker player. You can find him on the football pitch when he's not slinging the chips.

He wants all his friends to know that he's "very quiet". He'll have to make some noise if he wants to win the tournament as his 231,000 in chips lumps him in with the short stacks.

Seat 6 with 677,000 chips,
Daren Yoon (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

This 33-year old Australian expat now resides in Malaysia where he spends his days crushing the Pot-Limit Omaha tables. Yoon has been playing poker for most of his adult life but credits his friends and his girlfriend for inspiring him in the game.

Yoon's tournament progress has been fascinating to watch. He entered Day 2 as the second shortest stack in the room but managed to claw his way back into contention. His defining moment came when his pocket kings managed to spike a set against Alexander Beeckx's pocket aces and from there Yoon has taken full advantage of his second life to reach the final table in good shape as the second largest chip stack.

Seat 7 with 670,000 chips,
Mikael Rosen (Sweden)

By making the final table of this tournament, 33-year-old Mikael Rosen has notched his first APPT cash outside of Macau. Rosen previously took fourth in the APPT Macau Main Event in 2008 and also notched three cashes at this year's APPT Macau poker festival. He calls himself "Bubble King" because he's finished on or close to the bubble in several APPT events. He's been playing poker "forever" and curses his brother for getting him hooked on the game. He'll start the final table 3rd in chips, just behind Daren Yoon.

Seat 8 with 639,000 chips,
Young-shin Im (Korea) - PokerStars Qualifier

This final table marks Young-shin Im's fifth cash on the APPT in the last one and a half years - a remarkable feat considering she's only been playing poker for two years. She came close to making the final table of the 2009 APPT Macau Main Event, bowing out in 15th place, and considers that a career highlight. Im acknowledges that she had to get a bit lucky to get this far. She ran pocket queens into pocket aces in a battle of the blinds but caught a queen on the flop to stick around. She comes into the final table in 4th chip position.

Seat 9 with 177,000 chips,
Basilios Diakokomninos (Baltimore, MD, USA) - PokerStars Qualifier

Basilios Diakokomninos is a 23-year old business manager who has come all the way from the United States for this event after qualifying online on PokerStars. Diakokomninos has been playing poker for around five years but this final table is his career highlight.